Monday, April 2, 2012

Etsy Sale - 15% Off Coupon


I have so many books piled up everywhere, and my son's room looks like the NY Public Library exploded in there. So, this week I'm going to be running a Spring Clean Sale in my Etsy shop.

Everything in the shop is 15% off from now until Easter.

I'll be adding books all week, but right now there is a ton of new stuff in there, including a few collectible books I've highlight recently.

For my readers to get 15% off in the store, simply enter the code SPRINGCLEAN15 at checkout!

The Simple Prince by Jack Kent: Reviewed here. Sold here.

The Daddy Book by Don Madden: Reviewed here. Sold here.

The Travels of Babar: Reviewed here. Sold here.

What Do You Say Dear?: Reviewed here. Sold here.

The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read: Reviewed here. Sold here.

The Wizard of Wallaby Wallow: Reviewed here. Sold here.

Thanks gang!


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1 comment:

Ana Garralón said...

oh! not shipments to Spain...:((

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