Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fox Eyes

Fox Eyes
Margaret Wise Brown ~ Garth Williams ~ Pantheon, 1951

Late day review to share with you yet another collaboration between the great Mr. Williams and the eloquent Ms. Brown.

There was once a spy,
a red fox who came to
spy on the opossums.
There were five of them
and they were supposed to be asleep.
But they weren't.
They each had one eye open.
They were playing possum.
The fox noted all this and
went on his way.

Throughout the day, the fox spies all the forest creatures, but still, he goes on his way leaving an ocean of anxiety in his wake. Each rabbit and frog and bear (and child!) spends that night in a rush of anxiety wondering what the fox knows. While sly Mr. Fox sleeps peacefully in his den.

Sleep tight, all.

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ansluasi said...

How funny that you reviewed this one 3 year old daughter and I snagged a copy of it at Goodwill this morning and thoroughly enjoyed reading it this afternoon. You can't go wrong with either one of these creative geniuses, Brown and Williams, together they are just that much more awesome:)

Saskia said...

And, my favorite, Mr Dog (the pipe-smoking 'dog who belonged to himself').

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