Monday, February 27, 2012

Where Did Tuffy Hide?

Where Did Tuffy Hide?
Isabel and Frederick Eberstadt ~ Leonard Weisgard
Little Brown, 1957

If you weren't around this weekend, make sure you check out my interview with Jon Klassen, here, the latest in my contemporary author series.

Now, reaching back to the 1950s for this dear fave drawn by the amazing Mr. Weisgard -- written by two of New York's old-school artist elites, Frederick Eberstadt, psycologist and photographer, and Isabel Eberstadt, a writer and daughter of Ogden Nash. The two were outspoken fixtures on the NY scene during the 50s and 60s, and were also the parents of writer Fernanda.

Interesting that the two would pair together to write a funny little story about a puppy who likes to hide and the loving family who always go looking.

Tuffy puppy belonged to Nell,
Who treated Tuffy very well.
But little Nell quite often sighed,
For Tuffy puppy liked to hide.

Oh, where is that Tuffy? In the bread box? The doll house? In the grandfather clock? That's for Tuffy to know, and the reader to find out! Framed in sweet hues of green and peach, that little rascal Tuffy really gets around. The perfect search for wee minds.

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