Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Big Golden Animal ABC

Animal ABC
Garth Williams/ published 1954 by Western Publishing

Still lovin' these Big Golden Books. Really, why aren't all picture books oversized and wonderful like these? It's such a great format to showcase illustration. Anywho... this is a trip through the alphabet hosted by the cutest little Williams' bunnies. From the giant teeth of the alligator to the rear end of the zebra, each animal has a rabbit companion that brings humor and life to what otherwise might be just another animal ABC. (By the way, what's an ermine?)

Let us go find...
Bb for BEAR
Cc for CAT
Dd for deer

Williams draws the greatest creatures and the ample spread of this fold allows you to truly appreciate the sweetness of his kitten eyes and mouse whiskers. Such a talent that man was. Really, anything you see illustrated by him you should grab. (PS... I am headed back to Texas in two days. That means in less than a week I'll be reunited with my scanner. YEA!)

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Jonathan said...

We actually have this one! It's from my library when I was a kid. It's showing its wear, but we're still enjoying it!


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