Friday, February 17, 2012

Etsy Shop Update

I've been neglecting the Etsy shop of late, so I'm going to be adding some new stuff into the shop over the weekend as I clean up my shelves.

Old favorites up now...

The Strange Disappearance of Arthur Cluck: Reviewed here. Sold here.

The Tasha Tudor Book of Fairy Tales: Sold here.

Richard Scarry's Best Mother Goose Ever: Sold here.

and a few special collectible first editions in case you are looking for a gift...

Hello Friend by Roger Bradfield: Reviewed here and sold here.

How Joe the Bear and Sam the Mouse Got Together: Reviewed here and sold here.

Fortunately by Remy Charlip: Reviewed here and sold here.

Miss Suzy: Reviewed here and sold here.

Gwendolyn the Miracle Hen: Reviewed here and sold here.

And more so check it out today and all weekend. Thanks for reading!


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Christina said...

I love vintage but I must ask, what is up with "Tell Me Cat?" My mother-in-law has a copy and I find it way out there.

Ms. said...

YOUM YUM! for your Etsy shop, however, I for one (pretty sure I'm not the only one) have no pay pal, no credit or debit ability, and really no wiggle room in my bare boned budget with which to purchase anything whatsoever. Still I applaud you.

This link and Miss Kathleen's weekly post might interest your book loving self, so here it is

Hilltop Hausfrau said...

Oooh such great finds! Love the Richard Scary and the Gwendolyn's Hen. The Oldies really ARE goodies!

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