Friday, November 4, 2011

Update Friday: Crictor

It's always Ungerer time in this house, and I've repeatedly promised to update his most famous and well-loved children's book, Crictor, originally posted in the summer of 2007.

So, here it is kids. Click, love and learn.

(And, yes, for those who were wondering, I did forget about the Great Monday Give this week. Tune in Monday. Sorry. Good thing is, you can still enter!)

As some of you guys already know, Tomi recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Society of Illustrators, (along with Robert McCloskey, who got a posthumous nod). Take a few minutes to watch his acceptance speech. The man is a living legend. He designed a cat-shaped kindergarten, for God's sake!

Children can go though the mouth, play in the paws, look out the eyes on the second floor and slide down the tail. How rad is that!?!

I love him so much. Big time congrats, Tomi! Well deserved.

"We'll keep on trucking
and we'll keep on drawing
and that's the way it is until we go."

Right on, man. Right on.


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Antmusic said...

Can he please come over and design a play structure for my backyard... okay, fine, how about my whole house?

se7en said...

Wonderful, Wonderful!!! We are bug fans of Crictor over here!!!

Lucy Packert said...

I loved Crictor and so enjoyed reading it to you Sara, some 50 years ago........
xoxo Mom

alice said...

Love this artist!

alice said...

I love this artist

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