Wednesday, November 9, 2011


John Burningham's ABC
John Burningham ~ Bobbs Merrill, 1967

Already the countdown to the holidays has begun. The handmade calendar on my son's bedroom door is proof enough that you can't keep Christmas from coming. Yesterday, I started The Hunger Games (finally) thus why I was out of commison for a large chunk of the day. But I was also working on pulling together my annual Great Holiday Give, where I have five days of giveaways of brand spanking new fancy reprints of vintage books.

Stay tuned soon for details.

In the meantime, there's always room for more John Burninghan in the collective subconscious. Here is one of his earlier books, lovingly scanned from my friend's dustjacketed American first edition. A brilliant artist with a limitless imagination, I love how he draws animals. So much personality!

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Alice said...

I love to read your post. It's always beautiful!

Christina said...

(Hunger Games is awesome! Enjoy!)

Amy said...

Oh how I love the work of Brian Wildsmith - thanks for featuring him regularly.

Michael Allen said...

I love that work! Brian Wildsmith is new to me! Thanks. What is Hunger Games? Obviously, I'm new here.

Anonymous said...

Hello Burgin,

I really enjoy your blog. Just had to write to offer a correction to your latest post though. This ABC book is by John Burningham, not Brian Wildsmith. Burningham's style is very recognisable, the mice for instance are the same that appear in his book Trubloff.

Hope you don't mind me commenting.

Keep up the excellent work.

Burgin Streetman said...

Wow Anon. Thanks! I knew there was a reason why I should never blog on Sudafed!

Junko said...


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