Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rolling Round

Rolling Round
Rolf Myller ~ Atheneum, 1963

I still can't get over the awesomeness of Koko this morning... but I digress.

Architect turned children's book illustrator (turned sex guide author?) Myller takes us on a fabled journey through a kingdom where the wheel is concocted with some design savvy and a little trial and error....

Once upon a time
there lived a king and his friend,
the horse named Hildegard.
The king loved Hildegard very much.
At least once a month
he would ride with her to the end of the kingdom
to keep the people there from becoming
restless and unhappy.

Yes, we all know if only takes a wee bit of face time with the boss to get us in a cheery mood, but when Hilde becomes sick, the king must put his people's heads together to come up with a way to get around. A wonderful little tome on the revelations of invention... uh, do they think at first that this...

... might help get the king someplace?

Obviously, the author had some beef with the places the invention of the wheel has taken us as the dedication reads:

To vehicular locomotion
traffic jams
and all other urban problems
which were made possible by the events in this book.

A little preamble to road rage, perhaps? Here, here.


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