Friday, December 17, 2010

Update Friday: I Like Winter

I'm unsure of where I'll be next week or how much I'll actually be able to get done here with a Christmas-jacked kindergartener on the loose... so just in case I don't make it back at least once or twice next week... Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Happy Kwanza. Happy New Year. And all that jazz.

If you don't see me next week, know that'll I'll be on a brief hiatus until the New Year. January 3rd I'll be back with a new Great Monday Give and an exciting mystery interview with a beloved children's book illustrator. I actually did the interview last night and cried for an hour after hanging up, I was so moved by the conversation. I'm hoping to have it up that first week I'm back as well as an entire week of love for the artist in question. So be sure and return for a front row seat on the fun. (The first reader to guess and post here correctly who it's going to be will win an extra special something when the week arrives. Hint for you longtime readers: I have been known to do some crushing on this person.)

To leave you, here's an overdue Update Friday from a post I did back in '07. Lenski's I Like Winter with all new scans and color commentary. Enjoy!


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Donna said...

Happy Holidays to you. I guess Mercer Mayer.

Burgin Streetman said...

Ha! Good one Donna... though I suspect Mercer is a wee bit kinky for my taste! I like the sweet innocent types... Nice try though.

ahoi! said...

Well, if Mayer is too kinky, then it definitely isn't Tomi Ungerer! I was hoping it would be Remy Charlip (but I don't think you've exactly "crushed on him".) Maybe you could interview him in the future, on my behalf! :)

Amy R. W. said... the crush Roy McKie??

Burgin Streetman said...

Ha! I'll let you guys know the winner on the 3rd... As far as Ungerer goes, just the opposite, but I'm probably not kinky enough for him ! Though anytime he wants to link to my e-mail from the side bar, he is more than welcome.

Did I just write that out loud?

john & catherine said...

I guess and hope it's Roger Bradfield, though I don't know if you've "crushed on him" either in spite of all the love you've shown. I love him too. His background is a bit like your favorite Jack Kent. Anyway, I can't wait! Enjoy these holidays.

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