Thursday, October 4, 2007

I Like Winter

I Like Winter
Lois Lenski
Oxford University Press, 1950

One of the first favorites for my son was Lenski's Cowboy Small. I would read that book to him in a ridiculous southern accent that used to make him laugh and laugh. Her books are all like this though -- from the Small series to this little holiday dittie -- all rhymey and sweet. I Like Winter has sheet music on the first page so you can sing along to the book.

I like winter, I like snow.
I like icy winds that blow.
I like snowflakes, oh so light,
Making all the ground so white.

I suppose with Halloween just around the corner, I've been gearing up for the holidays; snagging this one along with Babar and Father Christmas and a few other choice seasonal reads. Maybe the snowy pages are helping us ward off the end of summer heat. Who knows? Lenski was a dear heart though, that's plain to see from every word she writes and every funny little person she scribbles on paper.

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Caryl said...

I just found your blog when searching for information about this book. What a neat project you have here! Thank you for sharing all of this good stuff.

Here's my post about I Like Winter in case you'd like to take a peek:

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