Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Peter Spier's Little Bible Storybooks

Peter Spier's Little Bible Storybooks
retold by Peter Seymour
pictures by Peter Spier ~ Doubleday, 1983

Since I'm not overly religious but still love me some Peter Spier, I thought it the perfect season to trot out this miniature medley of awesome. You know how I love wee little boxed sets, and this one is no exception. Peter's detailed drawings work perfectly here in a trio of tiny paperback, accordion-style books that have a delicate diorama feature in the back.

Retelling three of the most famous bible stories (Jonah, The Creation and Noah), I chose to photograph only the ark here as that's one of my animal-loving son's favorite stories, and we're particularly fond of Spier's full-length version. Though I will say, the diorama of Jonah getting gulped by the whale is pretty outstanding.

You'll just have to wait and see that one for yourself. Have a great one.

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stephanie said...

Wish I had an extra $100 of disposable income for these...I'm not sure I want to know how much you thrifted them for but I will be keeping my eyes peeled!

Burgin Streetman said...

Three dollars from a used bookshop.

I wonder if I'm the only person who finds these things and actually allows her child to play with/read them?

Frogs Mom said...

Oh I'd love to run into a set of these some day. I first discovered Peter Spier at the friends of the library book sale and have been on the look out for his books ever since.

I would totally let my 4 yo enjoy these. The only books he's not allowed to read with on his own yet at the special ones from my own childhood.

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