Friday, July 2, 2010

Little Plays for Little People

Little Plays for Little People
Ilse-Margret Vogel ~ Parents' Magazine Press, 1965

As mother to an only child (by choice), my biggest lament is that my son will never have siblings to preform living room plays with. Though my sisters and I never had anything as formal as this book, countless performances of The Jungle Book and The Nutcracker were enjoyed by my mother and grandparents over the years. Those hours spent rehearsing with my sisters--pulling costumes together and setting the stage--are some of the most memorable of my childhood, always ending in applause and a well-deserved lemonade. This how-to guide to the stage is illustrated by German artist Vogel and prefaced with an introduction by Judith Martin that includes vital information on how to fashion wings out of colored tissue paper and make a lion's mane from an old mop. It includes 14 lively and short plays with charming names like Mr. Maybe and The Day Canary Met Sparrow.Sparrow: Hello, yellow bird. You sing well.
Canary: Hello, brown bird. You fly well.

And so on and so forth...

Perhaps my son will find friends as theatrically inclined as he is, but until then, you're never too old to wear a paper bag over your head, are you? Happy Friday all!


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Janna said...

Don't worry, I was an only child and I put on plenty of living room plays by myself, haha. And with friends, too.

Jane Aldridge said...

Oh my god--this is my new favorite blog ever! Thank you for sharing all of these amazing books. I'm buying a few of the books you've shared on here right now. I showed my boyfriend your blog too. I am an obsessive picture book collector so your blog is a holy grail of wonders.

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