Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spring is Here

Spring Is Here
Lois Lenski ~ Oxford University Press, 1945

I know. I am way jumping the gun here. We are still smack dab in the middle of February, but it has to be spring somewhere in the world, and Texas certainly feels like it already. We've had 76 degree weather on and off for weeks, skies have been a-twinkle... all steel blue with perfect, puffy white clouds. Certainly clear and bright enough to summon thoughts of daffodils and garden dirt and the Easter Bunny. And my son did spot 10 little ducklings and two baby turtles swimming in the river this morning... that has to count for something.

Which leads me to the review today, by the ever lovable, original multi-tasking mom, Lois Lenski... who had the husband, the house and the family in 1920s America and still managed to illustrate 150 books over the course of her lifetime. I mean, come on, the woman has an elementary school named after her. Rock on sister!

The warm south wind is blowing.
Sister's hair is flowing.
Brother's hat is going--
Spring is here today.

Cowboy Small has always been my son's favorite Lenski, but being a person whose preferred season is spring, this one gets me in the gut, big time. One in a seasonal series (Now It's Fall, I Like Winter, On a Summer Day), the words are precious and the pictures near perfect. The book's wee size and calligraphy type add volumes to what is a true expression of loving the seasons for children young and old.

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james at 10engines said...

we love this one
a different spring is here. simple simple for babes. best

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