Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are You My Mother?

Are You My Mother?
P.D. Eastman ~ Random House, 1960

Once again, I apologize for the obviousness of this pick, but as it has been on the dinner table for a few nights and read aloud with snacks and pudding, so I had to give it the love. I myself have very fond memories as a girl of baby bird and his quest to find his mommy. Something about his vast aloneness and the gravity of the search always felt so taboo and scary to me, but in that good way... as you always knew mommy and a reunion were right around the corner.

P.D. Eastman was one of those iconic illustrators of my childhood, and that is evidenced by the fact that all of his books are still in print even after over 40 years... and they are some of the most beloved in the Random House Beginner Book series ala... Sam & the Firefly, Go Dog Go, Fish Out of Water, etc.

So, there is this momma bird, see, and after a while of sitting on her egg she decides to go out looking for grub for her soon-to-arrive baby bird... and while she is gone, the egg does indeed hatch, and when baby bird does not see his mommy right there, he heads out in search of.

He came to a kitten.
"Are you my mother?"
he said to the kitten.
The kitten just looked
and looked. It did not
say a thing.

He goes on to ask this question of a chicken, a dog, a cow, an airplane, an old car, a boat and a "snort", until finally meeting his real mother for the first time. The finish of this story always solicits an "awwww" and a great, big, giant hub from my son. For those of you who don't own it yet, it would make a great mother's day present to yourself. Awwwwwww.... (Hey, I'll do anything for a hug.)

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james at 10engines said...

SNORT! the boy loves this one.

Amy said...

This was one of my favorites as a kid and now my daughter loves it too!

Sheffus said...

I Love this book! My 5yo daughter 'reads' it to my 2yo son now. Such a great one. Thanks!

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