Monday, February 16, 2009

I Know a Magic House

I Know a Magic House
Julius Schwartz ~ pics by Marc Simont ~ Whittlesey House, 1956

I swear, science books for kids from the 50s and 60s were the coolest. Children were growing up in an age when amazing things were happening and science and technology were truly being introduced in the home. The idea of looking at your house as a magic place, with all sorts of amazing, functional inventions, is so appealing to me. Shoot, I'm still amazed at all the things people have created to make life easier and better, and the ones set out in this book cover some of the most basic scientific concepts for kids.I know a magic house
where mountain water
comes right into the rooms.

(The faucet, of course.)

I know a magic house
where you spin a wheel
to find a friend.

(A rotary dial telephone.)

I know a magic house
where music comes
from black circles.

(See above picture.)

Taking a look at everything from bubbles to time... televisions to toasters. You'll be amazed at all the magic you can find around the house for your child to explore. My son was really wowed the other day when I followed the telephone land line and took him outside to show him where the telephone lines came into the house. I know it was an a-ha moment for him.... but did I mention that before? I think I must be losing it in my old age. Perhaps in the future when I've really started to fade, the boy will be able to show me a few new things too. (Hey, anyone know if this Julius Schwartz is the famous DC comics Julius Schwartz?)

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Swati said...

I was about to say that I wish someone would write a book like that for our times, but then thought that I should change it to - I wish I could write a book like that, for our times!

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