Friday, February 27, 2009

Vintage Kids' Books Need Your Help

The Goodwill I visited previously that was tearing all the pre-85 books off the shelf two weeks ago has thankfully gone slack and I found a few new vintage books on my last visit. I really can't imagine how the government is going to enforce these crazy laws but one reader was nice enough to send me some info about what's happening with the bill to amend now.

There may be help.
There are bills in committee in Congress to amend this ridiculous law.


The related bills are listed below.

When you get to the website, click on each law as shown below and contact the officials listed and tell them to move these bills forward.

H.R. 968: To amend the Consumer Product Safety Act to provide regulatory relief to small and...

H.R. 1046: To ensure the effective implementation of children's product safety standards under...

H.R. 1027: To exempt second-hand sellers of certain products from the lead content

These bills are in committee and must be moved forward NOW.

Now, all of you Xers who watched School House Rock growing up KNOW that most bills never get out of committee, so the more noise we make, the more likely something is to give. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE e-mail these guys and stop the madness!


Swati said...

I am not an American citizen, but I will check out and see if I can mail too :)

Joy Scrogum said...

Wanted to let you know that I was dismayed to hear about how this legislation is affecting your business. Wrote on my blog about it, including a link to your blog and links to other sites for information on this bill and how to keep informed about it. Hope all works out well for small businesses, particularly book sellers and for libraries.

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