Thursday, June 5, 2008

All My Shoes Come in Twos

All My Shoes Come in Twos
Mary Ann and Norman Hoberman ~ Little, Brown and Co., 1957

Found this cool, little ex-library book at the Boysville Thrift Shop, and though it is long and rambles a bit, my kid loves it. The perfect gift for a child who might already be shoe-obsessed, and believe me, there are more than a handful of these wee Carrie Bradshaws toddling around.

Hello, rain,
Hello, rain,
Dripping down
The windowpane.
You are wet,
I am dry.
You can't wet me
Though you try,
For when I
Go outside
My umbrella,
Held up high,
And my rubbers
Keep me dry.

From galoshes to slippers and ice skates to cowboy boots, everything that goes on or near the foot is covered here in sweet rhyme. Color is scarce, but the simple line drawings convey a great deal of humor and innocence.

This collaboration with her husband was Mary Ann's first book, and although he went on to illustrate a number of her stories, today, he is still a fine artist in his own right. She, of course, is trucking away (50 years later... go girl!) with a ton of titles under her belt. A House Is a House for Me remains one of my son's favorites.

The hoot of it is, he has started incorporating author's names into his pretend play, and Mary Ann oftens appears as the little girl who lives next door to an ostrich. Go figure. First editions are pricey, but reasonable, ex-library copies abound.

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Anonymous said...

Any kid who has imaginary author playmates will definitely turn out all right! I've ordered several books based on your reviews.

Candice Ransom

Burgin Streetman said...

thanks ellsworth. your blog is a hoot and a half!

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