Friday, June 20, 2008

Little Blue and Little Yellow

Little Blue and Little Yellow
Leo Lionni
Mcdowell, Obolensky, 1959

As I mentioned in another post, Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse was one of the books that spooked me when I was little, but in a good way.... so it is surprising that so few of Lionni's books were on my radar way back when. You know though, growing up in small town America in the 70s really limited my exposure to things, so the fact that I even knew one book by most of the greats is probably still a good thing.

This one is a favorite (and a recommendation) of one of my son's close girlfriends. The story of two little dots and best friends -- Little Blue and Little Yellow. When the little dots get too close, Blue and Yellow make green and cause a world of confusiion for their parents.

Happily they hugged each other
and hugged each other
until they were green.
Then they went to play in the park.
They ran through a tunnel.
They chased little orange.
They climbed a mountain.
When they were tired
they went home.

Perhaps the moral of this sweet, sweet book is that sometimes it is OK if you get lost in another person, even if your parents disapprove. Or maybe it's that when two people mix, they make another person all together. Or maybe we all need to lose ourselves a little bit to find our way home. No matter. What it is is a cute little story about two dots that love each other, and my son digs it.

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colleeeen said...

we adore, adore, adore this one. it actually made it into the books-for-the-car box for our upcoming very, very long drive to Montana.

Burgin Streetman said...

gotta have those books for the car... i refuse to give in to the DVD player in the car thing. i'll probably be the last hold out....

my mom's dad was the same way about regular TV, wouldn't allow it in the house for years... and when she came home one day from school and saw a man installing an antenna on the roof of her house, she screamed at the man that he better get down because if her daddy saw him up there doing that, he would beat him up.

ha... watch out guy at Best Buy... anywhere near my Subaru... your ass is grass!

colleeeen said...

i do have a portable dvd player for the trip, but it's only coming out when i'm driving at night. my boys love books (one of the few things i've done right as a parent) and are really awesome little troopers on long drives. i want them to look out the window, notice things, not stare at a screen.

we have gone TV-less occasionally, and I really think it improves the household. I sure do enjoy watching a movie now and again, but when we have no TV (and limited internet, ha!) we get so much more accomplished.

Burgin Streetman said...

man do I know. my husband and I were TV addicts, and we gave it up except for The Simpsons and movie watching. It's tough, but you have so much more time for life if you can make it happen.

As for my son, he watches about a half hour every other day, but man... I'm so tempted!

Anonymous said...

I have to recommend COME OVER TO MY HOUSE by Theo LeSeig (Dr. Seuss) has a great message and wonderful illustrations.

Burgin Streetman said...

Such a great one!

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