Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Box With Red Wheels

The Box with Red Wheels
Maud and Miska Petersham
The MacMillan Company, 1949

After I mentioned Eric Rohmann on a post the other day, I did some Googling looking for articles about him, and I came a cross this interview where he mentions The Box with Red Wheels. I didn't have it in my collection, so I promptly found a copy online. It just arrived in the mail yesterday, and literally, I've read the thing 26 times already to my son. He is positively mad for this book.

After the first reading, he made me read it five more times right then and there. Now granted, this one is queer with animals, so that might have something to do with the obsession, but regardless, this is a really great book. I love the fact the most of the story encompasses the anticipation around what exactly is in the box with the red wheels. Now that my son knows what it is, he is literally about to burst to tell me leading up to the fateful page. He can barely stay seated he gets so excited.

Under a tree in the garden stood a strange looking box with red wheels. The gate leading into the garden was wide open. The curious animals marched through the open gate and walked straight up to the box to find out what it was.

Two huge thumbs up on this book. I love the story. The pictures are dear and trimmed in gold for heaven's sake! In particular, if you get hold of a copy, check out the little black tails drawn onto two of the baby ducklings. Unbelievably sweet!

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Sarah M said...

Found this at a local bookstore and it's very cute:

from 1962
"Pierre: A Cautionary Tale"
by Maurice Sendak

Burgin Streetman said...

he did a few little books with that same kid.. i've been meaning to get around to those... maybe i'll post on pierre today. Thanks for the reminder!

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