Monday, March 31, 2008

The Hating Book

The Hating Book
Charlotte Zolotow
pictures by Ben Shecter
Harper & Row, 1969

Gee whiz, it seems 1969 was a good year for kid's literature. I've often seen books with this same theme that were poorly conceived, but this, I believe, is the best of the bunch. Having once been a little girl with volatile little girl relationships, I know how hard it is to make up with a friend when it seems the world is against you. The Hating Book is straight forward and honest while remaining short, sweet and to-the-point with a happy ending that both amuses and teaches a lesson. Plus, I just love Mr. Schecter's little pen and watercolor illustrations (the man knows how to draw a frown!)

"You've been so rotten," I said.
"Why?" She looked as though she'd cry.
"It's you," she said. "Last week
when I wore my new dress,
Sue said Jane said you said
I looked like a freak."
"I did not! I said you looked neat!"

Man, this story takes me back to my sixth grade year. The year when classrooms diverge into cliques and best friends transform into the worst of enemies. Beware the ides of puberty, and if you need a tome to help you get through it... check this one out. The good word is still available in a paperback edition.

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