Friday, March 21, 2008

How the Rabbit Stole the Moon

How the Rabbit Stole the Moon
by Louise Moeri with illustrations by Marc Brown/ published 1977 by Houghton Mifflin

Marc Brown is most famous for his wildly popular series about Arthur -- the aardvark who somehow morphed over the years into looking more like a mouse. This tale about how the moon came to hang in the sky is folkish and charming and full of animal illustrations that are similar in style to Arthur and his friends and but I think have way more character.

The animals of the forest come together and decide that the night is too dark and spooky and commence trying to convince the sun to share some her of light with the night. One by one, each animal fails, until at last, it falls on the shoulders of a wee little rabbit to persuade the sun to give up some of her glow.

Now, the rabbit knew he was the last animal who would ever speak to the Sun. Everyone depended on him. He gathered his powerful hind legs under him and sprang up-up-UP-and fastened his big front teeth on the edge of the Sun! Before the Sun knew what was happening, the rabbit had bitten a great piece out of it. And when he fell back to earth, the rabbit started to run!

Currently, these pages are in high rotation in our house (animals, duh), and my son goes silly for the big finish when the rabbit flings the piece of the sun back in the sky. There is a surprise at the end about how the stars came to be, but you'll have to read a copy for yourself to find out.

This isn't really an Easter-themed book, but it is about a rabbit, so that kinda counts! I know I usually post some on the weekends, but with the holiday upon us, I'll probably be out of commission until Monday... be sure to tune in then to find out who won the copy of The Gunniwolf and comment on the next Great Monday Give. In the meantime, Happy Easter everyone!


Sarah M said...

oh, I LOVVVVVVVVED this book when I was little! good find.

Burgin Streetman said...

Soooo good.

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