Sunday, January 27, 2008

Millions and Millions and Millions!

Millions and Millions and Millions!
Louis Slobodkin
The Vanguard Press, 1955

My son has just started to say things like... "Look Mom! There are hundreds of cars on the road." Usually, what he's really talking about are just a few dozen cars going back and forth, but I understand what he's getting at. Often it seems as if things go on into infinity, and for a child that must be a zillion fold. So many things to see, and just when you think you've seen it all, your world view grows and you realize there really are millions and millions of things more.

There are millions of stars and millions of cars
and millions of dogs and cats.
There are millions of beds and millions of heads
and millions of bonnets and hats.

I especially like the illustrations of the heads and beds. Seeing books like this that are so well done, makes me lament that so many children's books today are so realistic and lavish. Like everything has to be so real looking. I guess perhaps that is a byproduct of the Internet and computer animation, but it just seemed so much cooler when illustration left some things to the imagination.

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