Friday, November 9, 2007

The Lost and Found Ball

The Lost and Found Ball
Jerrold Beim adapted from the original by Kay Ware and Lucille Sutherland with pictures by Ylva Kallstrom/ published 1961 by Webster Publishing Co.

Don't really know anything about this book, and looking back now, I'm at a loss as to where we actually got it. A quick search online of the book's players, and still no history available. A funny little book, part of the READ FOR FUN series. Boy gets ball. Boy loses ball. Lots of other kids/people/animals play with ball. Boy finds ball.

Andy did not want to stop looking for his ball.
But it was getting dark.
He was hungry, too.
His mother was right.
He could look for the ball tomorrow.
After dinner, Andy went to bed.
He dreamed of his lost red ball.

So all the while Andy is dreaming, his ball is off on an adventure without him. What I like about this story is it introduces the concept of life going on without you when you aren't looking. I was about four myself when I came to understand that concept. My sister was getting in trouble for something, and I was watching my mom talk to her and all at once I had the realization that what was happening was happening exclusively to her. That other people had lives and feelings. Pretty mind-blowing.


Mary Smith said...

I'm just getting reacquainted with the books of Lorraine and Jerrold Beim. Happy to see that Lost and Found Ball has found a home in another family's heart. For a tiny bit more on the Beims see my blog, and note the use of their son Andy's name in this book, as it was in so many of their stories. The Beims created their books from real people in real life. It's a shame the books have become rare in libraries, virtually unattainable in books stores, but thankfully they do persist in vintage collections and online auctions.

Burgin Streetman said...

Oh thank you so much for leaving your post, and what a wonderful memory to have of the Beims. That's what is so interesting about these old book... rediscovering the people behind them and finding out their stories.

What a sweet and special memory to share.

Sujit said...

Did not think I would hear of this book again. I am 51 years old. As a boy I used to have this book around age 6. Your brief on The Lost and Found Ball came up in a Google search, out of blue I thought today I should search for old Andy, the boy who wears knickers with suspenders, his cat, the old lady whose window pane breaks et al. Really glad to see that Andy still lives as young as he was. Cheers, Sujit

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