Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tommy Grows Wise

Tommy Grows Wise
Romney Gay
Grosset & Dunlap, 1939

When I tried to Google the author, you can imagine what came up when I typed in the words Romney and gay. Got the inside look at good 'ole Mitt's online news portfolio. But that aside, this tale is for all the tots who ever refused to eat their peas. I should have whipped this one out last night when my son had an absolute fit over having to eat steamed squash. Who knew that all that talk about kids and veggies was true?

But when Tommy found any
green PEAS on his plate he
wouldn't eat them, and when he
found any MILK in his glass he
wouldn't drink it.

So Tommy begins to feed all the healthy foods in his dish to his beloved pets and one by one they become so big and strong (hint, hint) that they run away from poor Tommy. So what's a boy to do except eat all his veggies and milk so he becomes big and strong instead of his wandering animals. I suppose the aforementioned wisdom comes from putting two and two together.

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