Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chipmunk's ABC

Chipmunk's ABC
by Roberta Miller with pictures by Richard Scarry/ published 1963 by Western Publishing Company

Originally with this blog, I thought I didn't want to get too deep into Little Golden Books, but seeing as there are just so many awesome ones out there and they make up such a large portion of everyone's childhood book memories, it can hardly be escaped. That said, I am choosing a Richard Scarry book aptly because when I was little, he was my absolute favorite. In all of his books, there was always so much to see and do. It was AWESOME. You could look at the same title again and again and again and never see the same picture the same way twice. My son loves them for the very same reason I have to imagine. (Well, that and they are all about animals for God's sake!)

B is for burrow. Guess who lives in the burrow under the apple tree?

Or perhaps it was the constancy. The same little worms and kittens and rabbits inhabited all the pages... and even in early books like this one, you can still see those familiar little faces peeking out from the pages right into your soul.

J is for jump. Froggie jumps for joy. He loves ice cream.

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Momma Val said...

Awwwww! My son absolutely loves "I am a bunny" by scarry. This looks very cute too. This is such a cool blog! Came across it looking up Miss Hickory on Google. Have you ever read Peeky Beaky? It was a childhood book of ours and was trashed in a fire at my sisters house. I had lent it to her kids. She found another one for me for Christmas a few years back.

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