Friday, August 24, 2007

Old Man Rabbit's Dinner Party

Old Man Rabbit's Dinner Party
based on the original story by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, edited by Nova Nestrick, illustrated by Robinson and Bonnie & Bill Rutherford/ published 1961 by Platt & Munk

Not sure what the deal is with Old Man and all his editors and stuff, but I received it I believe in my Easter basket when I was wee (or maybe it was a giveaway at Judy’s). This particular copy however was extracted from my father-in-law's home... it being only one of the two children's books he keeps under his roof. Last week, I was sitting opposite from him as he was holding my son and he started reading it to him and without even seeing it, as soon as I heard the first few lines, I knew exactly what it was. Weird being that I haven't seen or read that book since I was, oh about 7.

Old Man Rabbit said to himself, I have lots of food. I will give a dinner party for all my friends. They will help me eat the food.

I'm not sure why, but I remember being slightly obsessed with this book. The kind old rabbit, collecting the food in the dead of winter and then sharing it with all his creature friends. I guess it was something about the illustrations or maybe that I was curious about wild animals actually having to fend for themselves.

My son digs this one. It has his two favorite things in it. Animals and a picnic.

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Unknown said...

My grandparents read this book to my cousins and I. We absolutely LOVED it! When my grandmother passed last year, the grandkids drew straws to see who would get the copy.

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