Thursday, July 26, 2007

What's a Ghost Going to Do?

What's a Ghost Going to Do?
by Jane Thayer with pictures by Seymour Fleishman/ published 1966 by William Morrow

I can't remember where I acquired this one, but it's a super sweet story about a ghost in fear of losing his home, and the underlying theme sends a nice message about preservation.

"The Scott's didn't believe in ghosts, but when Gus banged and clanked with his bang-clank equipment, they told their friends proudly, 'We've got a ghost named Gus.'"

According to the about the author section, Jane Thayer is a pen name for Catherine Woolley, and apparently, there are other titles about Gus the ghost floating around out in the world somewhere. This Weekly Reader Children's Book Club Edition has a few doodles and words written on the first few pages. Most notably, underneath the title on the title in the title page, some ancient rascal scribbled "Now wouldn't you like to know."

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Anna said...

I haven't seen this one, but Gus and the Baby Ghost and Gus was a Friendly Ghost were two of my childhood favorites!

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