Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Friend Mac

My Friend Mac
by May McNeer and Lynd Ward/ published 1960 by Houghton Mifflin Company

Penned by the prolific husband and wife team, the theme is similar to Lynd Ward's Caldecott award-winning The Biggest Bear in that it's a tale of falling in love with something wild, only to have that very wildness come between.

"When a moose is old enough, he must find his own kind. When a boy is old enough, he must find his own kind too."

Like Puff the Magic Dragon and Peter Pan, when something seems so magical and too good to be true, it usually is once the cold hard reality of adulthood sets in. It would be nice if this were a world where over sized wild animals could live in harmony and in house with a small boy, but alas, those kind of stories are longed for the fairy tale. This book, like The Biggest Bear, is for the realist in every child. Those who can tip their hats at the way we would like things to be, yet move forward happy in the knowledge of the way things actually are.

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