Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Silly Listening Book

Jan Slepian and Ann Seidler ~ Richard E. Martin ~ Follett, 1967

I still can't resist a book by the Slepian-Seidler-Martin trio, as wild and wonderful as they are. This one is perfect for the toddler set as it is filled with odd pairings and silly sounds.

Where is your ear?
Can it hear...
Quiet sounds...shhhh?
Loud sounds....BOOM!
Wet sounds...splash?
Even sounds that are silly like hum-a-dum-dilly?

It continues on page after page. Does it hear a mouse's tear? A dog playing cowboy. A bird who found a chocolate worm. Can you hear...A lollipop cry? The laugh of a fly? A pie say goodbye?

All aptly illustrated with Martin's always mildly whack-a-doodle drawings and culminating in a party for everyone. By the way, any book that features a dog playing cowboy is OK in my book. Brilliant!

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