Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tommy's Camping Adventure

Tommy's Camping Adventure
Gladys Saxon ~ Mel Crawford ~ Golden, 1962

I first read about this book on The Ward-I-Matic a few years back and have kept my eye out for it ever since. I love all things Mel Crawford, so I always keep my eye out, even if my boy has outgrown Little Golden Books for the most part. As a matter of fact, most of his gold-foiled titles are already tucked away in the attic, awaiting some grandchild far off in the future. But when I see a stack of Golden Books I can't help but check them out. Old habits die hard. So when I traveled a few towns over several weekends back and found this delightfully grubby used bookshop on a somehow derelict street corner in Seguin, I had to buy it, even if it ends up in the shop or attic eventually.

Tommy Miller and his family were camping in the big woods. My, it was fun! Tommy wanted only one thing--a special camp job he could do. Everybody else had a camp job.

Daddy has the campfire to maintain... Mommy (of course) the breakfast to cook. Big brother, fishing pole maintenance. Sister (sigh) the cleaning. Poor Tommy, what ever could he do!?! When Tommy whiles away the hours looking at trees and animals, he finds that his perceptive nature might be the very thing that saves the day and becomes the most important camp job of all.


A wee little story of a little person with a big responsibility. Today's Inspiration did a nice write up on the artistic life of Mel that's worth read if you are interested. What a guy!

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Debbie said...

Oh, I love this one! It was a childhood favorite of mine, and luckily, I still have it. :)

Leanne said...

Adorable! Haven't seen this one before. said...

I bought this book around 1964 or five. My son was sure the book was about him,
because the pictures of tommy looked a lot like him - the haircut especially. He
insisted that I read it using his name instead of "Tommy" - so that was how it went
in our house. I have kept the book and my son Dale is now retired from the military.
It goes to him someday, but not yet. entee.

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