Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Saturday!!!

A few thoughts on a beautiful Saturday here in Texas. 

There are three main reasons I write this blog.

The first and foremost, was for my son. This blog was a way of celebrating the books he loved, and sharing them with other people who appreciate sifting through old books to find treasures.

The second was when I realized by sharing these books, I was helping connect other people with the long lost books of their childhoods. Books that had made lasting impressions and stayed with them through the years. People like this person, who left an anonymous, heartfelt comment on my post for Dr. Goat this week.

Knowing that I was trying to find some of my favorite childhood books, my 92 year old Mom called my brother from her nursing home bed and said she wanted to get Dr. Goat for me for my 63rd birhtday. They spent 45 minutes on the phone together with my brother submitting bids to Ebay. They both laughed and got so excited as the bidding continued and my mom did win it for me. My brother wrapped the book and mailed it to me. 

Mother ask if I would bring it to the home and open it there with her. I did and when I saw it was Dr. Goat, I starting screaming and had to put my hand over my mounth because they don't favor screaming in nursing homes! I told her there was nothing she could have given me that I would have love more than Dr Goat. She died two weeks after my birthday. The book stands open in a very special place where I can see all the time -- her final gift of love to me.

And thirdly because all the amazing illustrators of old I've discovered and met through this blog (Hi Roy!), and all the upcoming young artists who are making their way in the business now like Ward Jenkins and Zack Rock.

That said, it's almost February and I've finally come up with my New Year's resolution. Scan more old books and support more up and coming children's book authors by throwing money at their Kickstarter pages. Like this guy, Zack McLaughlin. Very cool stuff (see the above and below). Support his Kickstarter page, here, for his children's book Hairy and Scary.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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Marty said...

Your blog is amazing, and I can't tell you how much the reader, vintage-lover, and mom in me adores everything about it :) Children's books will always be a joy to me because of the special place they had in my childhood. I love the magical ones you share, known and unknown.

Happy Saturday to you too!

Elizabeth said...

I just love you and this site. Seriously. And your friend's book looks fantastic -- the cover and title alone!

Zack said...

Awesome to have met you, too! Thanks again for all the support and wonderful posts. And DANG does Zack McLaughlin's book look amazing, yowzers!

Annie W. said...

Ack! Ya made me cry. Thank you for sharing your blog and that beautiful storry.

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