Monday, April 2, 2012


Satomi Ichikawa ~ Parents' Magazine Press, 1976

A native of Japan but a resident of France, Satomi's work is the perfect combination of east meets west... like watching the world through airbrushed glasses that filter just the right amount of light and ambiance.

A simple story of friends...

We need friends to play with,
for jumping over, and bumping over,
and making mean ugly faces- or beautiful smiling faces.
We need friends to help draw big pictures
and sometimes to share the blame.
Sh-h-h. Friends need quiet
for doing homework together.
A friend will keep a secret
and listen to a silly story.

Each page shows the right and left sides of friendship, with illustrations that are playful yet distinct in style. The perfect book for a lovely Monday morning. Here's to celebrating all those friendships that make our world complete.


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SparkleFarkel said...

Satomi Ichikawa's everything always makes me feel safe. Thank-you, I needed a BIG smitch of Ichikawa today.

Melissa@Julias Bookbag said...

I ADORE Satomi!!! I did posts on Nora's Stars and Nora's Roses last year, have you ever seen those books? I really want to check out Nora's Castle and La La Rose, about a cute bunny who gets lost in a Paris park. Her art is so lovely!

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