Monday, October 25, 2010

Great Monday Give: Dwindling Party Winner

I'm taking a break from the give this week because most of last week was spent sick and Halloween is just around the corner and there are parties and all kinds of things to be done around the house. Whew. I'm feeling dizzy just thinking about it. That said, randomly selected out of a whopping 90 entries.... drum roll.... the give from the last two weeks of Edward Gorey's The Dwindling Party goes to Ellie. Congrats! Send me an e-mail to webe(at)soon(dot)com and I'll get it out as soon as I find my brain. {Where did I put that darn thing?}

I'll be back later on today with a review (to make up for my lack of them last week) and next Monday with a new give. Until then my comrades in old...


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1 comment:

Ellie said...

I won! I can't believe I won! Wooeeeee -- doing a little dance of joy right now ... I am thrilled, to say the least, and will pop you an e-mail right now. I hope you have a fantastic Halloween and that you are feeling better (so sorry to hear that you've been sick)! Best wishes, Ellie

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