Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Very, Very Special Day

A Very, Very Special Day
Frances Ullmann DeArmand ~ Tom Vroman
Parents' Magazine Press ~ 1963

Short and sweet today, but just know that my son is taking a puppet class this week and it's put us in a neighborhood we don't usually travel to. During my trips off the beaten path, I've found a nice little trifecta of new thrift shops and the purchases have been golden. Case in point...

Can you guess what day it is today? It's very special.
Is it New Year's Day? No, but it is the beginning of another year.
Is it Valentine's Day? Many people say, "I love you" on this day,
but that doesn't mean it's Valentine's Day.
Maybe it's Lincoln's birthday? Not his.
Is it Washington's birthday? By George, no.

The book rambles sweetly on like this using wonderful retro lines and color to ponder if it might be St. Paddy's or Easter or the first day of school or Halloween or Arbor Day. Circus Day? National Milk Day?

If you haven't guessed it yet...

Adorable and vivid. Alive with images and ideas. I haven't shown it to the boy yet, and I'm thinking I might tuck it away until next year. The surprise ending is too priceless to waste on any old day.

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Corrie said...

Oh my! I've heard so much about that book! My mom used it in her 2nd grade class then all the kids would make special books for a birthday kid. It was lots of fun to hear about. Now it is fun to see the actual book! Thanks!

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