Friday, April 16, 2010

Open House For Butterflies

Open House for Butterflies
Ruth Krauss and Maurice Sendak ~ Harper & Row, 1960

...and speaking of butterflies, I'll leave you this week with some sweet sentiments from another Sendak/Krauss way-back-when collaboration. TGIF!

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Antmusic said...

Ruth Krauss... classic weirdness, but the Sendak illustrations make up for it. Ha ha ha.

Unknown said...

The wit is magical!

Christina Rodriguez said...

I love the characters' little jackets and cropped pants!

Playing by the book said...

These made me giggle! A lovely start to the day :-)

Laura Ottina said...

Sendak's illustrations are always a wonderful treat!

Nan said...

I want to learn a screaming song, a loud, energy purging, screaming song. :^D

Cissy said...

My fave by Krauss: A Hole is to Dig. Her sayings are so genuinely child-like that I sometimes wonder if she interviewed a bunch of kindergarteners!

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