Monday, March 8, 2010

The Golden Book of Little Verses

The Golden Book of Little Verses
Miriam Clark Potter with pictures by Mary Blair
Golden Press, 1953

Mary Blair is one of those artists who people love and love to blog about, so I doubt I'll be able to tell you more than you already know. In short, she worked for Disney on many movies during the 40s and 50s (Peter Pan, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and my son's favorite, The Three Caballeros). Later, she did commercials and independant design and illustrated four children's books: Baby's House in 1950, I Can Fly in 1951 (written by Ruth Krauss and still in print), New Golden Song Book in 1955, and the one you are getting ready to read about right now.

My son digs The Golden Book of Little Verses because there are TONS of birds and the colors are so vibrant and full of movement. Plus Ms. Potter's poems are lively and fun and about things children love... like presents, worms, baby animals, Santa and cake. I've only met one child so far who hates cake, and I suspect he might be an alien life-form considering.CAKE
Four bright candles
And one to grow on,
Five bright candles
All to blow on.
I make my mouth
Round like an O.
I wait and think,
Then wish--and blow!

It's a wonderful title to have for many reasons, so be sure and keep an eye out for it and all her books in your travels. See full scans of the book here and more of Mary's work here, here and here.

P.S. One thing I might be able to tell you that you didn't know is that a copy of the famous Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty book by Jane Werner Watson (that includes some stills from the movie as well as original art by Eyvind Earle and Julius Svendsen) is out there with this Mary Blair designed cover.

I haven't been able to find any information on it except that I bpught a copy at an antique store for $5 that I gifted a girlfriend's daughter for Christmas. I know nothing about it and would love some more info if anyone knows.


Artfulife said...

Oh how I love her illustrations. I bought my girls Sleeping Beauty last year & it was illustrated by Mary. Also found a vintage Golden Book illustrated by Mary but it's pretty much in ruins. I plan on framing some of the pages that don't have crayon scribbles on them. Thanks for sharing her beautiful work.

*kellyjo said...

YAY! Mary Blair!

erin said...

What a treasure! I have the Alice in Wonderland book published in 2008 with her illustrations and I adore it, unfortunately, my 6 yo son is not quite as enchanted by it-- but he'll humor me and let me read it to him every once in a while!

Great find.

Misa said...

These are beautiful books!


Unknown said...

I have a very nice original signed Mary Blair

Unknown said...

I have a original signed Mary blair.I would like to post a photo of it.

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