Friday, September 12, 2008

Three Little Cats

Three Little Cats
by Anna and Edward Standon/ published 1964 by Delacorte Press

Another title for the Francophiles, if you are looking to teach your wee ones un peu du Français, look no further. Illustrated in simple blue and black, Trois Petits Chats is just as the title page describes "with a few words in FRENCH."

Once upon a time there were three little cats -- one, two, three, un, deux, trois. One was black, noir. One was white, blanc. One was white and black, blanc et noir. The little black cat was le petit chat noir. The little white cat was le petit chat blanc. So... the little white and black cat was? Le petit chat blanc et noir.

I could find out nothing on these two authors except for the small blurb on the flap which reads they met art school and their love of their son inspired them to do kids' books. Oh, and they live in London. The flap also describes the end of the book as an "amusing helter-skelter". WOW. When I first read it, I was expecting one of the cats to turn on his brothers in a Satan-drenched horror replete with pig's blood graffiti and a movie-of-the-week starring Steve Railsback. Sadly, said helter-skelter is merely a mishap involving some coal dust and flour leaving a trio of confused chats.

Anywho.... Lovely drawings. A cute, bilingual story, plus it has a glossary on the last page. Viva la chat!


Edi said...

I have enjoyed looking through your blog this evening...first time I came across it.

I too love vintage books and my kids and I have read a number of the books you have of my favorites being "Mud Pies and Other Recipes". I bought that book for my dd about 5 yrs ago...she is now 9 and still enjoys making recipes from it :) I know I would have LOVED that book when I was growing up.

Sad part about your blog - lots of the books are no longer least in our library...Sad to think these sweet old books have fallen by the wayside...

One place I have found some of my books is at library sales - when our library sells their old "unpopular" books or books in not the best condition.

Burgin Streetman said...

singing to the choir sista!

I love your blog by the way. I'm all for opening kids up to the world via their taste buds. good on ya!

Unknown said...

I have quite a few vintage books myself. I have a copy of 'The King, The Mice And the Cheese' Was your copy bilingual?

Burgin Streetman said...

not of the k, the m, and the c.... but wouldn't that be great!

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