Monday, May 12, 2008


Ruth and Latrobe Carroll/ published 1951 by Henry Z. Walck

When I was little, I had these spectacular reoccurring dreams about tiny pet deer and monkeys and dogs that were so small I could keep them in a shoe box and let them dance on my fingers. Alas, it seems I am not the only one with miniature fantasies. I was delighted to find this little paperback ditty at a library sale about a dog with a name that fits him to a tee. This married couple from North Carolina apparently did a number of children's books on dogs, but none so petite as our little Peanut.

Once there was a pet store in a very big city
where a man sold very little dogs.
One puppy was so small he could sit in a teacup.
Another was so small he could sit in a shoe.
Three could sit in a hat together.
Six were so very little they could all get on a roller skate.
And one was so very very tiny he could sit on a spool of thread.
The name of this tiny, tiny puppy was Peanut.

This dog is so cute... he's like a marshmallow with legs... you could squeeze him forever and then eat him up... his sweet little face is oh so yummy. Plus the story is rather hee-haw. Little dog loves boy. Boy loves little dog. Boy gets bigger dog he loves more. Little dog becomes desperate for companionship and looks for friends of the rodent variety. Little dog gets lost down a mouse hole. Big dog finds little dog, and all is forgiven. The book is bit long for a picture book, but check out the contraption the boy finally makes so that Peanut will no longer be left behind. Is that an awesome ride or what?


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

This looks great for our family. We have two big dogs that our babies (actual children, haha) have to get used to! We are always on the lookout for great dog books! Thanks.

scribbler said...

it is more about the little dog than the big one, but this book is pretty funny. peanut takes up with a tribe of mice for a while, but can't handle the fact that they are nocturnal. hilarious. sounds like a lot of new moms I know!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I've been looking for this book! (Found your blog post via Google search.)

Nearly 30 years ago, I got this old book for free in third grade when my teacher gave away some old books. I loved it, but my little sister fell TOTALLY in love with it! She couldn't get enough of that tiny dog!

Now that we're all grown up we have our own kids, and I'd love to find copies for my toddler daughter and my sister's baby. Anyone have any suggestions on how to find copies?

Twitter name: WendyZZZZZZZZZZ

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