Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wait Till the Moon is Full

Wait Till the Moon Is Full
Margaret Wise Brown with pictures by Garth Williams/ published 1948 by Harper & Row

I know, MWB again, but I can't help myself. This was one of the first vintage kids' books I bought for my son after he was born. It's just a little crappy two-tone TRUMPET CLUB paperback, but the story is great.

Once upon a time in the dark of the moon
there was a little raccoon.
He lived down in a big warm chestnut tree
with his mother -- who was also a raccoon.
This little raccoon wanted to see the night.
He had seen the day.
So he said to his mother,
"I want to go out in the woods and see the night."

But his mother said, "Wait. Wait til the moon is full."

So he waited, deep in his warm little home under the chestnut tree.

That anticipation for everything that is youth. The coveting of all that is unknown, and the titillation is waiting for it. Plus, it's got loads of adorable animals which to me is what children's literature is all about ;). I mean, isn't it cool that since the beginning of time people have used animals to connect to kids (or adults even for that matter). I suppose we see so much of ourselves in them, it is easy to imagine parallel universes where rabbits dress in petticoats and racoons have mommies that rock them to sleep at night. I especially love the dedication: This book is dedicated to all the things that love the night.

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Anonymous said...

This was my most favorite book as a child. I remember my mother reading it to me over and over when I was little (early 1960s). Even today, when my children ask me for something I can't give them right away, I always reply, "Wait, wait till the moon is full."

Burgin Streetman said...

great story. i love it when book lines weave their way into our daily lives.

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