Friday, January 11, 2008

Round Trip

Round Trip
by Ann Jonas
Greenwillow Books, 1983

A friend turned me onto this one at a book sale. And, yes, I have firmly decided that if a book was published 20 years ago... it can most certainly be referred to as vintage.... even if I was 11 when it was written (boo-hoo). A black and white flip book... look at it one way, and it takes you through a the day, then flip and read back again and it takes you on a journey through the night. Pretty cool illustrations and well done as far as top to bottom goes. This illustration in particular...

Then we went to a movie,

then flip it....

Then we had dinner in a restaurant..

Married to fellow children's book illustrator and writer Donald Crews, they both have a very graphic style that is fun to look at, even if, in this case, there isn't much to the story.

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