Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas in the Barn

Christmas in the Barn
by Margaret Wise Brown with pictures by Barbara Cooney/ published 1952 by Thomas Y. Crowell

The story of the immaculate birth, Christmas in the Barn has not only helped inform my son of the Baby Jesus, but also of the fact that women carry babies in their tummies and that once he was a baby living in my tummy and that someday he will be a daddy. We actually have two versions of this book and in the updated version illustrated by Diane Goode, it is pretty clear that Mary is "with child"... in this original version, not so visually apparent. Of the era I suppose.

The child was sleeping in the hay
And there they were
All safe and warm
All together in that ancient barn.

I suppose I'd better leave out the part of how the wee Baby Jesus was actually conceived, as I am walking on thin ice on that subject anyway... I wouldn't want to confuse my son's wee little mind further. But I digress... Such a great Christmas story if you are wanting to remember the reason for the season.

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