Thursday, September 6, 2007

Amos & Boris

Amos & Boris
by William Steig/ published 1971 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux

You know, I've had a knee jerk aversion to Steig since Shrek became such a monster hit, but this little title may have reignited my interest. The story of a adventurous mouse who finds himself strained in the open sea, friendship is solidified when a amiable whale offers to float him home.

"What sort of fish are you? the whale asked.
"You must be one of a kind!"
"I'm not a fish," said Amos.
"I'm a mouse, which is a mammal, the highest form of life.
I live on land."
"Holy clam and cuttlefish!" said the whale.
"I'm a mammal myself, though I live in the sea.
Call me Boris," he added.

Friendship knows no bounds be it size of berth or size of heart or whether you sport skin or fur. When you believe in each other, anything is possible. Steig is a master at highlighting genuine human emotions in a way that is accessible to kids. The guy has been illustrating for The New Yorker for three decades, so there is no denying that his wit is universal. This is a wonderful story, and according to our local librarian, one of her favorites.

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