Sunday, August 12, 2007


by Margret Rey with pictures by H.A. Rey/ published 1944 by Harper & Row

At the local independent book store last week, my son and I attended the tail end of story time, and I saw they had a Pretzel plush for sale. So, apparently, this classic title has had some new life breathed into its marketing, but it is still one of my kid's favorites. Written by the gods of Curious George fame, it the story of how true love leads to happiness, or at least a litter of pups.

I'm not sure the "size does matter" theme sends a very positive message out to young boys, but still... There are lots and lots 'o dogs in it, so what does my little guy care.

Greta was the little dachshund from across the street.
Pretzel was in love with her and wanted to marry her.
But Greta just laughed at him.
"I don't care for long dogs," she said.

Ahhhhh, unrequited love.

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