Thursday, August 23, 2007

Let's Find Out What's in the Sky

Let's Find Out About What's in the Sky ~ Martha and Charles Shapp with pictures by Peter Costanza/ published 1961 by Franklin Watts

With that idealized look of the 50s and early 60s, LFOWITS follows a few curious kids and all the wonderful things they see when they look up. Simple and to the point, I love the illustrations of airplanes and the dated look of the elementary school.

The sun seems to move across the sky.
In the morning, we see the sun in the east.
In the afternoon, we see the sun in the west.

This drawing of daughter running to daddy illustrates what comes down in the afternoon light. So cool that men wore hats back then, and even cooler that they actually took them off when they went inside. Yes, this is from an era when girls wore shirts and kids still marveled at what it would be like to go to the moon someday.

I remember when I was little, the sky was a huge thing. My family would park outside on blankets whenever meteor showers occurred and any kind of eclipse was a HUGE deal. I wonder if kids today still get jacked about that kind of stuff? Anyway, I just love how the girls and boys in this book gaze at the sky as if it is the most amazing/spectacular thing they have ever seen.

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