Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bumble-Ardy's Back

For those still not in the know, Maurice Sendak has a new book coming out in September called Bumble-Ardy. It's the first book he's both written and illustrated in 30 years, the last one being Outside Over There.

Though it's about a pig instead of a boy, it's loosely based on an animated short he did for Sesame Street way back when...

Guess who's psyched about this?

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Antmusic said...

Oh. Heck. Yeah! My local library has a Sendak art exhibit. Going on and I'm taking my kids to it soon. Sendak is up there next to Mayer in my book(shelf).

Heather said...

OOOOHHH!!!!! I am a total NERD!!! Harry Potter is coming out soon and now my literary Hero has a new book!!!

I might just have nerd overload!

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