Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Magpie's Nest

The Magpie's Nest
William Stobbs ~ Joseph Jacobs ~ Follett, 1970

Today is the day my son tours his new school for next year. He is excited about first grade but terrified by the idea of going into it via Spanish Immersion. "I'm happy with the language I have, Mommy." Ouch. So, this week I'll be giving him all sorts of reassuring love about how awesome it is to be bilingual... and reading him all kinds of books about the things he loves best, pájaros.

All the birds of the air came to the magpie and asked her to teach them how to build nests. For the magpie is the cleverest bird of all at building nests. So she put all the birds round her and began to show them how to do it.

This is a funny little old English fairy tale about how the magpie teaches other birds to build nests, but the other birds are to impatient to wait until the end, so they each leave only taking a wee bit of the lesson with them. Thus, why all birds build nests differently. Never can say no to an illustrated nest, or two.


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Chandra said...

Beautiful looking book! Spanish Immersion sounds amazing! Immersion is the way to go! I bet he settles right in and loves it in a short time!

Claudia said...

Thanks for posting about this title- I love picture books on birds, having also illustrated one myself:) I will hunt this one down. Also gracias for teaching me the Spanish word for bird. Your blog is a source of delights.

daysease said...

Oh, How pretty!!! I LOVE it. and... I would really like to use this in my blog, do you mind if I link you? :-)

daysease said...

OH, I wanted to mention... in my search for bilingual stuff, I have found some interesting stuff in Spanish. sites and such. If you are interested, you can stop by http://tonguetriedbilingual.blogspot.com/ to see if there is stuff in the Spanish section that you can use. :-) I have more to add, by the way, but mine will not be as extensive as that of those I have linked to. I have to concentrate on Italian first. :-)

Burgin Streetman said...

of course!

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