Monday, November 15, 2010

Jimmy Has Lost His Cap, Where Can It Be?

Jimmy Has Lost His Cap, Where Can It Be?
Bruno Munari ~ World Publishing, 1945

Since I just gave this book away in a trade and since the always fabulous atelier pour enfants just blogged about it and since Monday is always a great day for everything, I figured, why not? No?

Bruno Munari was a much loved Italian designer who dabbled in children's books, creating wonderful eye candy for wee ones (and their parents). One of my son's first book loves was the reprint of Bruno Munari's Zoo that still gets a ton of play with him even at almost six... though I enjoy the more abstract titles like From Afar It Is An Island. No matter.

Here we meet Jimmy, who has lost his cap, and you, the reader, are invited into a lift-the-flap search among everyday items which are in no way commonplace.

All of his books are playful and fun, and in every one, you will find the unexpected. I never, ever meet a Munari book without buying it. EVER.

Also by:
From Afar It Is An Island


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Kickcan & Conkers said...

Thank you for sharing these images. I did see a few on the atelier's site as well. I love Munari, fabulous!

WendyLady@GoodBooks said...

Cute book...funny optical illusion with the stairway thingy on the chair and pumkin!

Nan said...

Today opens on a laugh...

I just woke up with blurry eyes. Unfocused, I scrolled down to the title page where I saw the big brownish orangish blobby image on the front. I then read the title that I thought said... Jimmy Has Lost His Crap.

ahoi! said...

Awesome. Looking forward. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

what a fun book!! I love Bruno Munari!

Angela Sopranzi said...

I have one of the original printings in Italian...."gigi cerca il suo berretto" and also "Mai Contenti" (The elephant's wish). If you are interested in either or both, please let me know!

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