Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Hopping Bunny

My Hopping Bunny
Robert Bright
~ Doubleday & Co., 1960

I think it is safe to say that this is positively the cutest story ever, EVER published. You bookish types will know Mr. Bright from his infamous Georgie series following the after-life of a curious but shy child... Here the boy is quite alive and made even more lively by a peppy rabbit he can't quiet keep up with. OOOOooooooow, the words are positively adorable. Check it.

I went to the store,
I had some money.
I bought myself
A hopping bunny.
I marched in the field
And blew my horn.
My bunny hopped over
A shock of corn.
I ran to the meadow
To tumble and play.
My bunny hopped over
A stack of hay.

It basically goes on like this--snappy little rhymes illustrated with sweet black and white sketches showing just a hit of red--until the bunny jumps too high and lands on the moon. Moral of the story? It's good to be bouncy, but sometimes it's possible to hop too high. Oh my goodness is this book full of cute. Two paws up!

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Antmusic said...

The illustrations are totally like the Georgie books! Nice!

stephanie said...

I thought I recognized that illustrator...

Anonymous said...

This is my brother's favorite story from childhood. Thus we had pet bunnies named Hopping Bunny - and Bunny Hopping. It's amazing. I just read it over Christmas to a toddler. It's all about the delivery of the end... "Ohhh HE knew, he had hopped much too high."

Sara Ruffin said...

I love and adore Robert Bright's books!I met him once and he was witty and elegant.

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