Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Merry Little Breezes

I thought I could do it all this week, but alas, there is a last day of school to plan for and all sorts of other family diversions. I'm handing over the keys to my life shortly to the house sitters, and thoughts on books and bookish things will have to wait. Maybe you'll hear from me on the road. Maybe you won't. Rest assured I will be back on June 1st to start the summer off right.

For all those interested, the fate of my grandmother is still yet to be determined, but I will say this. At 96-years-young, the fact that she was referring to death as "the Merry Little Breezes are outside the window, waiting for me to play" brings an incredible amount of solace and joy to my heart. I suppose we all return to where we began. How delightful for her to see the end of life as the pages from a book she loved as a child.

Happy end of the school year everyone. And happy life!

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