Friday, July 31, 2009

So Long Farewell

Happy Friday all. That wraps up my second anniversary celebration. I just wanted to thank everyone who comes and reads and shares... and thank everyone who left awesome/inspiring/sweet comments and said nice things and passed on a nudge of kindness. Special gratitude goes out to Gillian, Niklas, Dave, Meg and Katie for sharing lovely thoughts on lovely books.

This week of tweeting has been an eye-opener. I hope you'll follow me so I can pass along the extra goodness. Remember, anyone who signs up to follow before midnight on Sunday gets thrown into the drawing for a $25 shopping spree in the Etsy shop... where everything is still 50% off til Sunday.

Caryn the Designer is the winner of the Sendak giveaway. E-mail we at webe(at)soon(dot)com and I'll hook you up. Come back Monday for a new Great Monday Give (for those who don't know, I give away a vintage kids' book every Monday from my own collection to one lucky reader), and to check out the posts from Roy Freeman. Don't miss it.

So long, kids.

1 comment:

Antmusic said...

I hope they release a lot of Don Freeman's vault stuff like "Corduroy, the Inferior Decorator." I love his illustrations!

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